In-person education Thurston County

Joyful Scholars Academy joins a network of over 300+ Acton Academies around the world who are reimagining education and placing children at the center of a learner-driven environment. The Spark Studio/Kindergarten Studio (age 4-6 years) is the first studio to open Fall 2023 at JSA and will be followed by the Discovery Studio/Elementary Studio (age 7- 12) Fall 2024. Studios are divided by age groups instead of grade levels. At Joyful Scholars Academy we believe children are innately curious, active, and joyful people who given the right environment, tools, and opportunities will excel and achieve all they imagine and change the world along the way. We are rooted in a hero’s journey mindset and believe each one of us is has a special calling that will change the world. Through challenges, failures, and triumphs our hero’s journey helps us grow virtuous habits, a strong network of peers, and propels us to be curious and imaginative. JSA offers a learner driven environment full of quests, core disciplines, and independent projects for our learners to be challenged and to discover their special calling. We are a secular educational service built on a foundation of honoring virtuous habits that lead to good character development. Learning is hard-work and our children do not turn away from this challenge. They jump in and wade through difficulties – alongside peers – who want to grow and become a person of integrity. Children will learn how to do, learn how to learn, and ultimately learn to be a unique and contributing person to their tribe.

In-person education Thurston County

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MJ Notary Denver offers mobile notary services in the Denver metro area, providing quick and convenient notarization for local residents and businesses. They are able to meet a wide range of notarization requests, including legalizations. Mobile service allows them to come directly to you and ensures your convenience. Contact them today to schedule an appointment for your mobile notarization needs.

mobile notary aurora co

notary for loans

MJ Notary Denver has loan package notarization services that are convenient for Colorado residents. They can provide regular notary service, online notary or mobile notary. They handle all lending-related notarization requirements, including reverse mortgages, HELOCs and refinancing, as well as purchases, sales, and construction loans. Their mobile notary can notarize your loan at home or in the office. Call MJ Notary Denver right away! notary for loans

Taekwondo in cambridge

Learn Self Defense from the Best! Black Belt World is an international group of Taekwondo schools operating 25+ years. Our newest location proudly serves Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph. Master Erin Smibert is a 5th Dan and former Canadian National Champion. Taekwondo in cambridge

Trauma Counseling Maysville, KY

Worldwide Wellness, located in Maysville, KY, serves all clients equally regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. Our primary goal is to create a warm, nonjudgmental environment so you feel safe exploring issues that may prevent you from living your best life! We offer services in mental health, trauma counseling, clinical hypnotherapy, life coaching, and more.

Trauma Counseling Maysville, KY


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Insurance Broker Newcastle

Welcome to Weir Insurance – Local Knowledge, National Expertise

We’ve been looking after the insurance needs of individuals and businesses in the North East for over 50 years, and as one of the largest independent brokers in the region, we know how to look after yours. Insurance Broker Newcastle

Maternity Wear South Africa

Maternity Mommy is a proudly South African brand, established in 2018 with a love, passion and focus on bringing style, convenience and comfort for a modern day maternity range for the woman of SA today.

With the demanding schedules of all mothers today having to juggle many aspects of day to day work, life and family it was obvious the function first approach of the maternity wear on the market was in need of an update with new designs, functions and materials for the mothers of today.

With this in mind our range has steadily grown with real world feedback from our moms, to our moms, into a brand we love and are very proud of. We continue to look for ways to help our moms during this journey where their ever changing bodies have had to adapt to pregnancy, nursing & postpartum recovery by offering not only a range of products that are convenient, comfortable and stylish but also help with self-confidence during this incredible journey into motherhood when they might not feel their best.

Maternity Mommy are here to help welcome all our mama’s to the hood, Maternity Wear South Africa