couple communication

This online course offers a variety of tantra practices, meditations, breathing techniques, and coaching for couples. It aims to enhance sensuality and intimacy between partners. By participating in this program, you can gain valuable insights into tantra practices, meditation, breathwork, and couple communication.

The course consists of 10 hours of classes and loving experiences that can be enjoyed together as a couple.

Start your life full of selflove and a loving relationship today! couple communication

Wholesale Real Estate in Minneapolis

I’m on your team. Nurturing the sale from conception to completion, my underpinning goal is simple: to eliminate the middleman. Bridging the gap between investors and time-conscious sellers, I view my role as an essential cog in the real estate wheel, removing the weight from the sellers’ shoulders, streamlining the behind-the-scenes, and placing lucrative deals at the buyers’ fingertips.

At Rob Hearts Realty, we want to help people find the easiest route to owning, while removing the financial burden of maintaining an unused home. Playing the role of matchmaker, where buyers and sellers are brought together, I strive to offer a fast-track route towards dream homes. Wholesale Real Estate in Minneapolis

Warm and soft brushtail children’s possum merino garments

Brushtail is a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in children’s possum merino clothing. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental consciousness, Brushtail offers a range of high-quality, warm, and soft garments for kids.

The company takes pride in using natural fibers in their products, specifically sourced from brushtail possums found in New Zealand. This unique blend of possum fur and merino wool creates a fabric that is not only incredibly soft but also has excellent insulating properties, keeping children warm and comfortable in colder climates.

Brushtail focuses on promoting sustainability by using eco-friendly production methods and ensuring the ethical treatment of animals throughout the supply chain. By prioritizing responsible sourcing, the brand strives to minimize its environmental impact and support the preservation of wildlife habitats.

The collection offered by Brushtail features a variety of stylish and trendy designs suitable for children ages 2 -7. From cozy sweaters and hats to comfortable gloves and socks, every item is carefully crafted to provide both functionality and fashion. The brand understands the importance of keeping kids comfortable and stylish, whether they’re playing outdoors or attending special occasions.

Brushtail’s commitment to sustainability, combined with their dedication to producing top-quality clothing, makes them a go-to choice for parents seeking durable and eco-friendly options for their children. By choosing Brushtail, customers not only support a responsible business but also invest in garments that are made to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Overall, Brushtail is a brand that combines fashion, sustainability, and comfort, offering a range of children’s possum merino clothing that not only keeps kids warm but also aligns with ethical and eco-friendly values. Warm and soft brushtail children’s possum merino garments

turquoise gemstone and leather jewelry

Gems ‘N Roses Decor

We are a woman-disabled veteran, owned and operated business.

We offer truly one of a kind, custom made designed Wreaths, Home Decor, Jewelry and Gifts.

Our Jewelry Artisan uses All Natural Gemstones, Leather and Nickle -free metal /Pewter Silver. Natural Gemstones include (and certainly not limited to): Agate, Jasper, Turquoise, Onxy, Aquamarine, Sardonyx, Peruvian/African/ Opal, Quartz, Jade, Lava, Magnesite, Labradorite, Coral, Howlite and so many more!

Handcrafted in Walla Walla, Washington. turquoise gemstone and leather jewelry

video production company birmingham

Unleash the power of video marketing with the help of the video production specialists at Ark Media. Servicing clients in the wider Birmingham area and across the UK, as well as worldwide, we create multi-award-winning content that connects with your audience and delivers tangible value to your business. Combining video production expertise with creativity and a strategic approach to distribution, we maximise your ROI for every project.

video production company birmingham


The idea to start the Prop firm for UnionWealthsManagement, which was initially called TSTT, was conceived in 2021 in a small office located in Montreal! Where a handful of young day traders, including the future founder! He always contributed to the floors trading system and different ideas about money and risk management. Despite the whole floors different approaches to trading, they all had something in common: By maintaining rigorous self-discipline, proper risk management, a good trading plan… one can reach a point where trading starts to become a business that lasts forever! That being said, we decided to grow and instead of a few Day traders together, we decided to share our trading ideas to the world of which can benefit! We’re all trading together for the same firm!


Bringing the beauty and culture of Morocco’s Berber Rugs to your home. We specialize in colorful Beni Ouarain Rugs, unique Azilal Rugs and vibrant Boucherouite Rugs. Get ready to light up your space with Moroccan magic!


Idea and concept visualization and prototyping for renderings and design modeling

After many years in the industry, both in the design and construction professions, ACHV’s Founder and Principal Designer, Mr. Giuseppe A. Puglisi, decided that it was time to take business into his own hands and to use his experience and knowledge to create unique and desirable experiences for his clients…

The kind of experiences that assure the client that they are the focus of the project and removes the corporate-like feeling of business that has become all too common in the industry… In doing so, delivering results that are unique to every client and avoids the aforementioned corporate feel that lacks personal attention and individuality.

We strive for personability, professionalism, and a sense of comradery unique to each relationship we develop and work tirelessly to foster. Idea and concept visualization and prototyping for renderings and design modeling

savor the flavor

Em Sawse & Etc. is a line of flavor enhancing condiments and more! We specialize in elevating flavor experiences while only using natural preservatives. Our goal is grow to be in your local grocery stores soon providing you sauces, seasonings, and eggrolls. We look forward to being a part of your favorite flavors to savor.

savor the flavor